Our selected developments

“Roentgena 23” Apartment house in Ursynów, next to south Warsaw ring. Finished in 2003. Multiple flats and apartments with spacious windows.
“Środkowa 30” estate, Opacz Kolonia

Twin- houses estate in Opacz Kolonia (32 units) in Opacz Kolonia, just by Salomea junction. Spacious gardens and functional interiors made this offer attractive for families. Finished in 2007.

“Młynarska 6”, appartaments in Piaseczno

Multi-flat building situated in the heart of old Piaseczno, very popular suburbs of Warsaw. Great location, just few steps from the main square with gothic church of St. Ann and main park made “Młynarska 6” of the best location in this area. Finished in 2008.

“Różana” estate, Opacz Kolonia

“Różana” estate was a follow-up of succesfull development of “Środkowa 39. It consists of 20 two-families houses situated in a quiet neighbourhood. Our clients especially valued the possibility to adjust the houses to their individual needs. We were happy to assist them in developing their own ideas.